A letter from a child

who recieved a gift from

our "Birthday Box" drive

In his essay We Are Each Other’s Business, Eboo Patel,

a Muslim and founder and President of the Interfaith Youth Core, writes,

“We live in a world where the forces that seek to divide us are strong. 

To overcome them, we must do more than simply

stand next to one another in silence.”

The Westchester Youth Alliance grew out of a dream that our communities would be stronger and our world safer if we broke that silence and worked to build a better understanding between people of different faith traditions.  And that the place to start was with our youth.  We believed that if we could pull together a group of high school students from different faith traditions and give them an opportunity to learn with and from each other and to work side by side on community service projects we could model an understanding of community that would act as a counter balance to the fear and ignorance and misinformation which often divide us from each other.

After more than a year of dreaming and planning and with funding we received from a grant,

the Westchester Youth Alliance was launched in September 2012.